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One Church One Child of Maryland, Inc. along with other partners will be hosting an Adoption Month Celebration event on Sat. November 3, 2012 at New Psalmist Baptist Church.

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Jody's Path - From Abandonment to Adoption


I was abandoned by my mother as a baby. With a father who was in and out of jail, I quickly slipped into a life of drugs, theft, and homelessness. Eventually I found God, but my drug addiction still continued to cause chaos in my life. I ended up losing my family and my home before I fully surrendered to the Lord and was finally adopted into God's family.

My path has led me from abandonment to adoption. My mother went away while I was still a baby, leaving me with a father who was in and out of jail.

I often had to live with friends or other family members. He was introduced to drugs, sex and abuse at an early age. Jody began smoking marijuana at age seven. He became a father at 16 and was addicted to crack cocaine by the time he was 17 years old.

A World of Darkness

Jody quickly slid into a world of darkness; including theft, drugs, homelessness, and doing anything necessary to support his drug habit.

I met my angel of a wife who shared with me the message of salvation. We were married a year later. On our wedding day, I received a calling from the Lord that I was to be in ministry, but I could not get free of my drug addiction.

Running From God

For 10 years I would battle with crack cocaine; in and out of rehabs and often living in the street; eating out of dumpsters, begging for money, and sleeping on benches, in sheds, or wherever I could find shelter. I ran as far as I could from the call of God on his life.

During this time, I also suffered the death and loss of my youngest son. Later, I lost all contact with my oldest son when I signed adoption papers while high on crack. Eventually, I lost my family and my home. Alone and in jail, I called out to God for help.

Full Surrender

I fully gave my life to the Lord that day and was adopted into God's family. Since then my own family has been restored and I was delivered and set free from all drugs! I quickly began ministering in outreach to the homeless and the addicted. Now I am back on the streets, this time feeding and ministering to those who are still trapped.

I attended college and the past 2 years have not been easy. There were trials and struggles, but through the trials, God has delivered me from low self-esteem and depression. He has given me a deeper hunger for more of Him, and He has healed a broken and hurting marriage!

I am currently in ministry with my wife and am the founder of "From Crack to Christ," an outreach support group for drug addicts, and has organized public events to share Jesus with the unsaved.
I pray that that this testimony brings hope to the hurting, salvation to the lost, freedom to the addicts, and healing to their families.

Reverend Roxanne G. Parson

When my husband, Andre M. Parson and I decided to adopt, our focus was on following Gods concept of family. After years of medical intervention, God clearly directed us to adoption. It is amazing how when you follow Gods direction that blessings come forth! Seventeen years ago, God blessed us with our son, Aaron.

Two years later, Aarons biological sister, Rebekkah became a part of our family! When I reflect on our journey as we have grown and are growing as family, I can truly say that adoption is a ministry.

Adoption is a ministry that represents Jesus Christ one who gives of their very being in order that others may have life and life abundantly. Thank you for recognizing the work of Jesus Christ through our family.

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  7. Darlene Graves
  8. Elaine Smith
  9. Ernette Jackson
  10. Fajaya Singletary
  11. Garon Everett
  12. Jack Armstrong
  13. Jackie Sousa
  14. Janice Bagwell
  15. Jeanette Anderson
  16. Jenica Polk
  17. Karen Johnson
  18. Keisha Perrin
  19. Kelvin Brewer
  20. Keontae Stephens
  21. Latarsha Samuels
  22. Marsha Harvin
  23. Mary E. Hunt
  24. Mary Wright
  25. Rev. Sharon R. Evans
  26. Rose Parker
  27. Ruth Smith
  28. Sandra Conner
  29. Shada Brown
  30. Sheria Jones
  31. Shondre Brown
  32. Stephanie Hall
  33. Trina Cunningham
  34. Vickie Burks
  35. Wanda Davila
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