Adoption Month Celebration Event

One Church One Child of Maryland, Inc. along with other partners will be hosting an Adoption Month Celebration event on Sat. November 3, 2012 at New Psalmist Baptist Church.

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Church Participation

What is the One Church, One Child challenge?
One Church, One Child offers this simple challenge; that one family in every place of worship adopts one child. If all places of worship embraced this cause, there would be no children waiting for homes.

What is expected of my place of worship?
First, and foremost, there are no financial obligations. Your place of worship has become a member of the Program, and the leader of your congregation has signed a One Church, One Child Program Commitment form. Second, your place of worship is not being asked to adopt a child, but to act as a vital link in the recruitment of prospective parents. In doing this, your place of worship has joined with other congregations across the State in agreeing to become a community resource for literature, information and presentations to prospective adoptive parents.

How is the Program funded?
The One Church, One Child Program is funded by the Maryland Department of Human Resources (DHR)/Social Services Administration (SSA). It is implemented under the direction of a volunteer board of directors and One Church, One Child Program Staff.

Who will be in charge of our Program?
The leader at your place of worship will select a member from among the congregation to act as the Coordinator. This individual, through the leader's endorsement and support, will be responsible for the internal coordination of the Program.

What do we gain by participating in the Program?
Each member congregation receives a Certificate of Commitment for joining the Program. More importantly, finding a permanent and loving home for a waiting child is a rewarding experience. Members of the congregation will share in watching the growth and maturation of the adopted child.

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